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The Beginning of Fleur de Vie

In the golden warmth of a Florida beach sunset, the idea for Fleur de Vie bloomed amongst close-knit friends, their feet nestled in the soft sand and their hearts aligned with a shared vision. They dreamt of creating a skincare line that mirrored the purity and resilience of nature itself.

Drawing inspiration from the beauty around them, they committed to formulating products that were not only plant-based and kind to the skin but also accessible to everyone. Fleur de Vie, meaning “Flower of Live,” was envisioned as a testament to the harmony between health and nature.

Understanding the critical importance of the skin’s barrier layer, they pledged that their creations would nurture and protect, never compromise. Each product would be a blend of natural ingredients, carefully chosen for their efficacy and gentle touch on the skin.

From the tranquil shores of Florida, they embarked on a journey to bring Fleur de Vie to life, ensuring that every offering from their brand was a love letter to the skin, affordable, and, above all, rooted in the integrity and life-giving force of the plant world.

This is how Fleur de Vie was conceived – a brand born from the desire to embody the balance and beauty of nature, making wholesome skincare an accessible luxury for all.