About Us

For over 35 years, Jody has empowered women to feel beautiful and confident. Her journey to founding her own cosmetics company was driven by a mission to offer plant-based, high-performance skincare accessible to all. Jody sought out the finest ingredients from a resource group to bring her vision to life. Jody firmly believes that excellent skincare is necessary to get results. This principle has guided her to create products that are not only safe and effective but also affordable. Her proudest moments come when customers share how the products have enhanced their confidence and brought compliments their way, truly benefiting the Vie Community. Our goal is achieved when women and men get the results they want in their skin care.

About Jody

A family-oriented entrepreneur, Jody’s husband has been an integral part of the operational side of the business for many years, providing steadfast support. Together, they hope to leave a lasting legacy for their beloved grandchildren—two granddaughters who share their passion for fashion, skincare, and makeup. These girls are the joys of their lives, gifted by their son and daughter-in-love and inspire their continuous commitment to excellence. The two girls, already have created their first collections.


Fleur de Vie, we are more than a brand; we are a community. Every purchase connects you to our Vie Friends—fellow enthusiasts who enjoy exclusive benefits and incredible deals all month long. We are committed to delivering outstanding plant-based products at remarkable prices, ensuring that your shopping experience is both economical and enjoyable. Plus Fleur de Vie gives back to their community as much as possible.

Our Story

Our journey has evolved, but our mission remains constant: to enhance your daily life with exceptional products. Shopping with Fleur de Vie means gaining access to a world of exclusive opportunities and special offers—join us today and become part of a community that celebrates vibrant living and fantastic savings.

Our Vision and Philosophy….

We believe in living each day with gratitude and grace, cherishing beautiful moments and sharing kind words. We strive to empower others to help and do good, advocating a philosophy of paying it forward.

Live beautifully,



Jody Filasek