Here’s to De-Stressing our Fall Season!

Welcome back Vie guys and gals! I can’t believe we’re already in October of this year, and I’m sure most of you feel the same! This is the time of the year when many of us could be thinking a lot of different things:

  • The year is coming to an end which means we are running out of time to complete our New Year resolutions
  • Fall activities are up and coming and the to do list is growing
  • The holidays are approaching quickly and the to do list and stress is growing even more
  • We need rest…
  • I want to reach my goals but I feel so busy and lacking energy and motivation
  • So on and so on

If any of this feels slightly familiar to you right now, don’t fret, and read on! I have some solid advice that is sure to keep you going and feeling great at this time of the year. And let’s admit it, it is a beautiful time of the year and I know most of us just want to have some time to enjoy the changes in weather, and all the festivities!

            Okay, so it’s only natural that we feel stress in our lives, yet, it is even MORE natural that we feel calm. Let me explain. Take us, for example, we are a skin care company that promotes wellness, revitalization of the skin, and beauty, hence, we want to make people feel like their best selves! And there are so many other companies and businesses out there trying to do the same thing in their own way. You might even be doing the same in your daily life. So my point is, we aren’t supposed to float through life carrying immense amounts of stress and pain. We are meant to be here to serve one another so that everyone can feel uplifted and joyful. This isn’t always easy, believe me I can understand that, but there are a few things that we can do during the fall season to enjoy our lives more:

  • We must take the time for ourselves to get some peace. Whether that is just one hour soaking in the tub with a facemask on, OR a weekend getaway. It’s not about what you do or how long you do this for, it’s about just doing it.
  • Once we feel refueled and rejuvenated, then we can face the to do list and issues in our lives from a better perspective. Maybe when it comes to being overwhelmed by the activities we are supposed to participate in, we can either a) eliminate ones that are not necessary b) ask for help from friends or our partner or c) take our projects or duties and break it down into bite-size chunks.
  • For holiday shopping, maybe we’ve decided that we are going to do some research on Amazon coupons and gain deals OR we do have Spa Quality Fleur de Vie Skin Care and Body Products so that we can literally get all of it done at home WITH a discount; or maybe we schedule one or two days out of the week to knock it all out!
  • Take the pressure off of yourself. When we are seeing things from a stressful, rushed, and pressured place, it is very difficult and almost impossible for us to creatively solve problems. Have some compassion for yourself, and with this attitude, I assure you the ideas to solve your problems will be there for you if you choose to stay open.
  • Lastly guys and gals, get you some rest or time in nature or social time with friends!

During this time of the year, it’s very important that we find ways to de-stress our lives AND create time to connect with our friends and ourselves without it being through the screen of our phones! Fleur de Vie products and services can help with this. We love to create an environment of celebration and social time! It’s the perfect way to gather others, connect, and even get free products! This can lead to many creative ideas for holiday gift giving, and much more!

      So, I will leave you all with this: Try to make your days full of self-care, peacefulness, and gratitude; and remember that we all deserve to feel these ways and from those vantage points we can see the solution to our problems more clearly. Your mindset is everything, guys. It is the power you have to choose where you must place it and how it is going to get you through your days, peacefully and full of gratitude and joy! You can harness this power by taking a step each day toward what makes you feel good about yourself. This is truly the flower of life, Vie Readers! See you next time, and wishing you all the best!

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