Say Goodbye to Dry and Hello to Glow!

Welcome back! I cannot believe we have made it to the end of 2019! This year flew by and now we are in primetime winter season! I hope that all of you have been reading along and benefiting from the many skincare tips and general health tips we have given to you! And I’m excited to assure you Vie Readers that we are not done. Not even close.

            So this month’s blog is all about wintertime skincare! The air is crisper and the humidity that all of us are so used to, is at a bare minimum. So basically what that means, is that we have to make up for the lack of moisture in the air by getting really good at prepping our skin for the cold, dry season. It’s all about the preparation to help maintain our healthy, radiating skin! The effects and signs of winter are very noticeable: chapped lips, dry skin/scalp, irritated and stretchy skin, cracked heels, etc. So in order to overcome these harsh byproducts of winter, we must prep our skin right away! Like, starting now!

First we must:

Identify signs and causes of dryness. Dry skin typically begins with scaly skin that begins to flake off. You’ll notice a roughness and tightness to your skin when it is dry. Fine lines become more prominent and patches of redness start to appear. This can happen for many reasons other than just the cold air. Indoor heating is one of these reasons. In fact, woolen and hot baths can also contribute to the dryness of our skin.

So what can we do? Here are some steps to begin:

  1. Buy potent hydrating products with ingredients like hyaluronic acid. Our Revive Skin Perfecting Serum Moisturizer is magic! It helps to maintain moisture, lock it in, and activate our natural moisture within our skin. Amazing, right?!
  2. Continue to look for other great ingredients like: aloe Vera, honey, glycerin, and omega fatty acids. These are bold ingredients that are heavy enough to hydrate the skin’s surface layer to give us a healthier looking/feeling glow! Sunflower seed oil and sesame oil can also be used because of their natural anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Fleur De Vie has everything you need to keep your skin in tip top shape, year round.
  3. Don’t be afraid to share this with your man or any man, for that matter! Skin is skin and we all have to protect ours because it protects us! It is our outer shell that shines with beauty, so let’s take great care of it!
  4. Please remember that taking care of our skin at least once a day is so important! However, the real magic is in that twice day skincare routine! Heck, we should all have that routine AND a once a week (or more) spa night!
  5. Make room on your bathroom shelf and use the right products for the right times! Summer skincare is much different than winter skincare. Summer products are lighter and can be more gel-based than the heavy cream based winter products. Make yourself feel great by having the knowledge to properly care for your skin, and by having the right products! Face oil is your skin’s best friend right now! Our Peaceful Face and Body Oil are intense moisturizers made to penetrate those layers of the skin, and our Live Clean Cleanser is gentle and full of glycerin, which doesn’t dry you out and enhances the skin’s natural oils.

So, now that you’ve had a full blown lesson on wintertime skincare, let’s put this new knowledge to good use and share it with others! Now is the time for giving, so take a look our products and give yourself (and/or others) the gift of self-care! As always, thank you for reading and ENJOY THIS WONDERFUL SEASON!

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