What Does Clean Living Look Like?

Everybody’s talking ’bout eating clean and clean living. So what does clean living look like for you? I think everyone has a different definition for this, and that is super important to acknowledge and to remember! We aren’t all built the same. Some of us need to eat more protein and veggies and some of us need more carbs and fats. Some of us have dry skin/hair and some of us have oily skin/hair. So I believe it’s important to take into account that we are all different and there isn’t just one way to do things.

To give you an example: For me, clean living looks like having a morning routine that consists of meditation, reading, journaling, gratitude, coffee, and breakfast. I don’t do these every single morning; instead I choose one or two from the bunch and interchange these activities throughout the days. I then go for a workout. That is how I start my day before I begin getting into work and all of the demands of responsible daily life.  I do my best to eat protein, fruits, vegetables, and minimal carbs. I then spend time at least twice a day moisturizing my skin (mostly my face). I tend to have a very dry scalp and dry skin, so it is imperative that I take care of this daily.  Throughout my days I am constantly reading positive material that enhances my inner growth and helps me to find more peace and inner presence in my life. I am striving to grow into a healthier and joyous me! I find that I feel like my best self whenever I am nourishing my body with clean foods that energize me and I am taking care of ME so that my cup can overflow onto others. I also take the time to care for my skin. It’s the one thing that others and myself see every single day.

So, what are you doing for your skin?  Our Live Clean facial cleanser is formulated for the most sensitive of skin. It has an anti-inflammatory agent and anti-bacterial agent that thoroughly cleanses without stripping your skin of its vital moisture barrier.  Live Clean is great for any age and any skin condition. From acne to rosacea and dry skin to oily, use morning and night along with the B Energized and it’s a pair to be reckoned with.  Like I’ve said before, our skin is the largest organ that we have, and we all know what is to come when we hit those ages in our lives where wrinkles and such are inevitable. So, do yourselves a favor and define what clean living is for you, and live it! It is all about taking care of the inside and the outside. We must find the time to be present with ourselves and listen to our bodies and what they need, because these are our only vehicles that we have to carry us for the rest of our lives. Not to mention, it feels amazing when you take out the time to care for your skin. It makes us naturally feel energized, healthier, and more beautiful!

So think beautiful thoughts and create beautiful routines and live clean with the help of Fleur de Vie beauty! Our goal is to help you along your journey to be a happier and more vibrant you!

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