Who Says We Can’t Spa From Home?!

Hi there, dear readers! So, we have been talking a lot about being healthy and keeping our skin clear and healthy, and now I want to let you in on a little secret — You can give yourself the spa day you are craving for from your own home!

This is really important guys and gals, because us busy bees need to be taken care of too! And the best part is, we don’t have to go completely out of our way or pay large amounts of money to do this. For example, you can send out a group text right now to some of your awesome friends and start planning a “potluck spa day.” Each person brings something different like: face masks, or OUR Pore Purity Mud Mask with Lavender, Fleurty Body and Foot Treatment, the ingredients for mimosas, nail polish, etc. Or if you’re looking for something a little more relaxing, you can do this all on your own.

As women, we tend to take care of everyone else. We are always thinking of the little details that need to be marked off of the to-do list, and sometimes in the midst of this, we forget about our own self-care. This could become apart of your monthly or even weekly to-do list! How amazing would you feel after giving yourself and your skin the love and care that you deserve?

Sometimes, when we allow ourselves to take care of our body, this energy transmits to us feeling better about ourselves on the inside. Whenever I have clean house and yard and I give myself the time to bathe, read, and try new things like Pore Purity Mud Mask, I feel absolutely incredible about myself and how I look! I also feel way more relaxed, and this type of relaxation gives us a firm sense of clarity in our lives.

We, as humans, tend to get bogged down by all of the little complexities in life and it becomes very difficult to see things clearly. We are thinking so hard in the midst of our busy schedules that not only are we not fully and completely present, but we are being unproductive by trying to solve problems with a clouded mind.

What do I mean by that? I mean that sometimes in life when we are looking for solutions to issues, overthinking and keeping busy just adds on to the stress we are already dealing with. In fact, this makes the issue worse because we feel like we are lacking the skill to solve the problem at hand. So, if you just sat down and asked yourself, “What can allow me to relax at this time, and eventually give me some clarity?” All of our answers may be different, however, the one thing we will all have in common is this: we will all be yearning for some type of self-care in some shape or form.

            Once we allow ourselves to be taken care of, we will feel that life is more balanced than it was before and we’ll experience a sense of peace and fulfillment. Self-care goes a long way. It goes even further than us. If we take care of us, we will then be able to take care of others and be happier about it, and have way more energy to do so. This is such an important topic because we don’t do it enough. Sometimes all you need is just one day or even a couple of hours and the right products to inspire you to mellow out and enjoy the moment.

            So, now that you have read my rant on taking care of yourselves, I hope you have all learned something from it and intend to take action toward a healthier and happier you! I know I learned something from this just by writing it out and realizing how important it is for me to set aside the to-do list and give myself some much needed love. If you are looking for those inspiring products I talked about earlier, check out our “Skin Care” tab on our website and get you self-loving spa day on! As always, thank you for reading along with us! This is truly the Flower of Life.

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