All Aboard the Hydration Station!

We’re back Vie Girls & Guys with a very important topic this week: Hydration.

So to start I want to remind all of you how important our skin is and what it means to take care of it. Our skin is THE largest organ that we have. So, if there is anything we absolutely need to maintain, it is our skin. It’s the shell of our body and it is what others and we see and feel all the time. I, myself, have struggled with dry skin and a dry scalp. This means I’ve had to take out the time to research what’s best for my skin, and take the extra steps necessary after showers and early mornings to apply moisturizers and essential oils to both my skin and my scalp. I’ve even done my research on Epsom salt baths and discovered how much my body loves me for soaking in avocado oil Epsom salt!

So, to begin, I will start with how our body is affected by the changing of seasons. As you know, we’re coming from winter into spring and before we know it, into summer. So, naturally this is great for our skin with all of the humidity and sweat we’ll be experiencing, our skin will feel much more naturally hydrated as opposed to wintertime. However, this means that we’ll probably be showering more often, and as someone who’s job is to be outdoors, I can definitely agree to that. With more showers that means I need to take the extra time to:

  1. Moisturize! Dermatologists say it’s best to apply moisturizer after your shower. This locks in the hydration and from personal experience I find that when I do this it lasts longer.
  2. Drink plenty of water! Like, a lot. Water is a precious gift that can easily be taken for granted, so please utilize this magic. It will keep your skin glowing with hydration, and will aid any moisturizer or other products that you’re using.

Keeping the skin moist protects that barrier layer of skin we have. We especially want to do this for our face. Our face is the first thing to feel the rays of the sun or the brisk winds of 30-degree weather. Depending on what season we’re in. Our skin enjoys consistency. In fact, it thrives off of it. So when the weather changes, our skin cells have to adapt all over again and do what they have to in order to keep things hydrated. We can help this process, whether we’re prone to oily skin or dryer skin, by keeping a healthy balance and a routine.

So to reduce itchiness, chapping, redness, dryness, practice these tips and ultimately, allow them to become your future habits!

  1. Wash your face and body in lukewarm water.
  2. Soak in avocado oil Epsom salt OR use a couple drops of the state of art Fleur De Vie’s Peaceful Body and Face oil in with your Epsom salts. It contains oils that will be a skin game changer!!
  3. Humidify.
  4. Protect your skin with clothes, hats, and sunscreen!
  5. Drink SO MUCH water.
  6. Exfoliate.
  7. Eat clean. Veggies and Fruits. The skin loves these.
  8. And saving the best for last, Choose Moisturizer Carefully.

This brings me to my final point, as we are very proud to be taking our products directly from nature and into science. Our plant based Revive skin perfecting Crème Moisturizer AND the Dew It To Me Hydrating Mist. Both of these products are absolutely vital to protecting that barrier layer of the skin I was talking about. Also, the product I mentioned in our last blog and will probably continue to mention, our hero product: B Energized Serum! This one repairs and renews the barrier layer of the skin and works to lock in moisture. So these are very helpful for us to be prepared for all seasons of the year.

So to conclude, drink your water my Vie Readers, and moisturize your beautiful skin. We hope you can look in the mirror everyday and feel happy about what you see. This is truly the Flower of Life.

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